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Why is Pre-engineering Steel Framing Important?

Why is Pre-engineering Steel Framing Important? Building your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. To make sure you are receiving the highest standard of quality in our framing, all residential steel framing packages are pre-engineered to ensure code compliance, strength, longevity, cost effectiveness, and more. Structural Integrity Pre-engineering steel framing ensures that the home's structure is designed to withstand various loads and forces it may…

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Prefabricated steel framing assembled steel panels

5 Reasons to Choose Prefabricated Steel Framing

5 Reasons to Choose Prefabricated Steel Framing Steel framing has a number of benefits from easy assembly to durability. The reasons to choose prefabricated steel framing packages are many, but we will take a look at five today. Reduce installation times Better Scheduling Improved Turnaround Times Design freedom Advantages of Steel Installation Times for Steel Framing As anyone building a home knows, waiting for the completion of each step can…

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FastFrame Steel Structures steel framing residential framing

Applications of Steel Framing

The Diverse Applications of Steel Framing in Modern Construction Steel Framing for Commercial Building Construction Residential Steel Framing Industrial Steel Framing Applications In the ever-evolving world of construction, innovative materials and techniques are continually being embraced to meet the demands of modern design and construction challenges. Steel framing, with its remarkable strength, durability, and design flexibility, has emerged as a go-to solution for various construction projects. Let's explore these diverse…

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why choose steel framing

Why Choose Steel Framing

Why Choose Steel Framing? Steel framing is fast becoming the building material of choice for those looking to build a home or accessory building. With cold formed steel, the framing is manufactured to last far beyond traditional wood framing structures. Building with this material has many benefits. From the way the framing is manufactured to the many benefits of the steel itself, contractors and potential homeowners alike are looking to…

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fastframe premium steel structures two car garage

Benefits of Steel Building Kits

Time Savings Steel building kits from FastFrame Premium Steel structures will save you time when erecting your garage, barn, or shop building. Your new accessory building will arrive in pre-assembled panels, from walls to trusses. Following a detailed instructional blueprint, you (or your contractor) will be able to assemble the steel framing in no time. Lightweight, Yet Durable The steel framing used in a FastFrame Premium building is manufactured using…

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FastFrame Military

Cold-formed Steel In the Military

The U.S. Navy and Cold Formed Steel Cold-formed steel has many uses, including being a quick way for the US Navy to build structures wherever they may be. Resistant to the elements, steel framing can be shipped anywhere in the world without being damaged. The footprint of the framing when shipped is smaller than standard wood framing. Naval construction groups have added cold-formed steel framing fabrication to their training. With…

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FastFrame Small Cabin 2 steel framing

Steel Framing – The Green Choice

Steel Framing - The Green Choice Cold formed steel has many advantages, including being the green choice. Why is steel so environmentally friendly? Here are a few reasons: Strong and lightweight: Cold formed steel has a high strength to weight ratio. It's stable, not susceptible to the warping, splitting or rot that wood framing can be. This means less materials over all used to in a build.Recyclable: Not only is…

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Mirror finish on a concrete floor

Concrete Floors and Your Steel Frame Building

The floor is an often overlooked but very important part of every structure- it is literally foundational.  Concrete flooring for a steel frame building is the optimal choice.  This informative article by Karen Knapstein of Garage • Shed • Carport Builder Magazine gets down to the nitty-gritty of concrete floors. It’s hard to beat concrete as a garage or shed floor: It’s durable, strong, and can be finished in a…

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