For Contractors

For Contractors

FastFrame™ Premium Steel Framing packages are not your old stud and track metal building systems: our wall studs, floor and ceiling trusses can be used just like wood. 

With special nails and screws specially designed for steel, exterior sheathing, floors, drywall and interior trims can all be screwed or nailed. Our pre-assembled wall units will save you time when constructing a residential home framing package or a metal building system.  Also, all service holes are pre-punched in each piece, saving you time and money.  Read on to learn more!

FastFrame For Contractors Loaded Steel Framing

Cold Formed Steel Framing: The Same, but Better!

Exterior sheathing, floors, drywall and trims can be screwed or nailed

JD Metals carries all screws and screw guns, nails and nailers necessary for framing installation

JD Metals also carries E-Shield Exterior Insulation Barrier

Snap-In Insulators can be used with FastFrame™ premium steel framing

Wall units are pre-assembled, saving you time on the jobsite.

All service holes are pre-punched, also saving time and money.

Standard Romex wire can be used, as well as standard plumbing.

Complete framing packages will be delivered directly to your jobsite, ready for installation.

Why Use Steel?

So what exactly is steel framing?  In order to help our customers make informed decisions about our products, we’ve put together this Steel Framing FAQ.  Here, you will find out why steel framing is the new, modern way to build.

Cold Formed Steel Won’t Corrode

Because Cold Formed Steel (CFS) is galvanized, it does not corrode like regular steel. As a matter of fact, according to the NAHB Research Center, CFS has a life expectancy of between 325-1,000 years.

Steel is Ideal for Both Structural and Non-Structural Walls

CFS weighs one third less than comparable wood studs but has more dimensional stability, which translates into less expansion and contraction over time, as well as less settling.

Steel is Non-Combustible, As Well As Mold, Bug and Rot Resistant

The inherent nature of CFS makes it a superior building material. Wood, on the other hand, is susceptible to all of these issues.

Steel Can Be Just As Quiet As Traditional Wood Framing

With properly designed wall assemblies and insulation layering, CFS is just as quiet as wood.

Steel Is Cost Competitive

Pre-assembled wall units cut both time and waste, saving time and money. Because CFS is lightweight, less manpower and heavy equipment are necessary for installation. Also, only minimal tools and skills are needed for erecting the framing, which also cuts costs. All of these points work together to make steel framing a viable option.

Steel Is Sustainable

Typical builds average up to 20% waste, but customized fabrication cuts steel framing waste to less than 1%. Also, a 2,000 square foot house would use 40-50 trees in construction. Steel framing for the same house would use 6 scrapped cars.

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