Why Choose Steel Framing?

Residential Steel Framing  fastframe premium steel framing

Steel framing is fast becoming the building material of choice for those looking to build a home or accessory building.

With cold formed steel, the framing is manufactured to last far beyond traditional wood framing structures.

Building with this material has many benefits. From the way the framing is manufactured to the many benefits of the steel itself, contractors and potential homeowners alike are looking to build with steel.

What is different about steel?

Using sheet steel coils, these C-shaped studs are formed using special die machines. Because no heat is required to form the steel, it’s commonly referred to as “cold formed steel”.

Lightweight yet strong.

Steel framing can be manufactured in different thicknesses, but is still much lighter than traditional wood framing thanks to the special design.

Because it is impervious to outside damaging forces such as termites or rot from moisture, steel framing has a much longer life span…over 100 years!

The strength of CFS steel framing should not be overlooked. According to buildsteel.org, this material has up to 7 times more strength-to-weight ratio than dimensional lumber!

Steel framing wall panels fastframe premium steel

Efficient with little waste.

FastFrame Premium Steel framing is manufactured using precise measurements and pre-assembled in our climate controlled plant. The steel framing will require very little cutting on the job site and has walls, floors, and other systems ready to be assembled in panels. This will mean a lot less labor on site, as well as little to no waste of materials.

According to the American Iron and Steel Institute , steel framing contains a minimum of 25% recycled material.

Steel framing is the green choice!

Building with steel framing is becoming a more and more popular choice as contractors are looking for more efficient and cost-effective ways to build

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