Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Cold Formed Steel Framing Kits?

Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Why choose steel framing

Cold Formed Steel (CFS) is lightweight and lends itself to extremely accurate fabrication.  Because of its precise nature, we manufacture CFS framing with much less waste than standard construction methods. In addition, CFS is non-combustible, is rot, mold and bug resistant, and has little contraction and expansion.  All in all, FastFrame™ steel framing packages are perfect for the straight, strong, stable and sustainable building components necessary for modern homebuilding.

Is this product like the old stud and track systems?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions, and the answer is NO. The FastFrame™ system turns 20 gauge steel into trusses and wall studs custom designed for each project.  Our in-house CAD designer converts all plans in our state-of-the-art software, which are then manufactured at our Jonesborough, Tennessee, facility.  Modular wall sections have door and window openings already placed, as well as pre-punched service holes, saving your contractor time. Exterior sheathing, drywall, floors and interior trim work can be nailed or screwed down with our specially designed nails and screws.  FastFrame™ is truly a modern way to build.

Are you looking for a residential home or a garage/building?

RESIDENTIAL HOME: We offer pre-assembled residential framing packages for installation by the contractor of your choice. Our in-house CAD Designer converts plans for manufacturing. The converted plans comply with local codes integrated into the software, removing all guesswork. You can check out our standard floor plans or submit your own.

GARAGE/BARN/BUILDING:  JD Metals offers turnkey solutions for our steel framed buildings. This can include excavation, concrete and installation of your new building. We construct the shell and you can finish the interior of your building by yourself or with the contractor of your choice.  Also, if you would prefer to install our building package yourself, we can supply you with a complete kit that is ready to be installed.  Check out our basic floor plans here.

Can steel framing be used for any residential framing?

Our in-house CAD designer can take your ideas and convert them into steel framing plans. These converted plans comply with local codes integrated into the software. We then deliver the preassembled units to your site as a package.

Do you already have a contractor?

YES- Great! We have the information your contractor will need to install a FastFrame™ residential framing package on your lot. In fact, the installation process is similar to that of wood framing. Sheathing, trim, drywall and floors can be screwed or nailed. The difference lies in the fasteners used. Pre-punched service holes carry standard plumbing and Romex® wiring. Steel means straighter and lighter weight walls.

NO- That’s ok, too.  In order to better serve our customers, we are developing a list of contractors that are familiar with CFS framing installation. So contact us and we will help you find a contractor to build you new home.

Do I have to use your floor plans?

No.  We have several home and building floor plans to choose from, but if you already have something in mind, you can submit it here.

How much does custom designing a home cost?

It depends- there are a lot of variables, and we would need some kind of design to give out an estimate. JD Metals wants satisfied customers so we keep the costs down as much as possible.  You can submit your own plans here.

How are framing packages delivered?

Once your design is rendered and sent for manufacturing, our team at our Jonesborough location will pre-assemble and load the steel framing units to be delivered by our fleet of JD Metals drivers, straight to your job site.

The Process


Choose one of our residential or building plans, or submit your own. Our in-house CAD designer can convert most plans for steel framing


Our state-of-the-art fabricating machines manufacture your entire framing kit. Wall units are pre-assembled, ready for installation on your site.


We deliver the entire steel framing package to your job site, ready to be installed with minimal tools and manpower by the contractor of your choice.

Three Framing Kit Options

FastFrame Submit Plans Finished Home Photo


We deliver pre-assembled, modular framing kit units to be installed by the contractor of your choice. Check out our plans or submit your own!


Built by our certified JD Metals contractors. (Limited install area – call for details)
Check out our building plans!

FastFrame For Contractors Loaded Steel Framing


Complete framing packages ready to be installed by you or the contractor of your choice.
Call us today for more details.

Let’s Get Started


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