steel building kit small two car garage steel building

Time Savings

Steel building kits from FastFrame Premium Steel structures will save you time when erecting your garage, barn, or shop building. Your new accessory building will arrive in pre-assembled panels, from walls to trusses. Following a detailed instructional blueprint, you (or your contractor) will be able to assemble the steel framing in no time.

Lightweight, Yet Durable

The steel framing used in a FastFrame Premium building is manufactured using cold-formed steel. This material is much stronger than standard wood framing, yet much lighter. The added benefit is there will be no insect infestations to worry about, such as termites, or risk of warping or rot. Steel buildings will be around for years to come!

Turn-Key Solutions

With steel framing from the FastFrame Premium Structures line of products and JD Metals metal roofing materials, a homeowner can purchase a turn-key accessory steel building kit. Roofing, wall panels, insulation, doors and more can be purchased in one kit, saving homeowners and contractors alike time and money.