5 Reasons to Choose Prefabricated Steel Framing

Steel framing has a number of benefits from easy assembly to durability. The reasons to choose prefabricated steel framing packages are many, but we will take a look at five today.

  • Reduce installation times
  • Better Scheduling
  • Improved Turnaround Times
  • Design freedom
  • Advantages of Steel

Installation Times for Steel Framing

As anyone building a home knows, waiting for the completion of each step can be hard. Installation of prefabricated steel framing packages is quicker than traditional wood framing. The wall panels, trusses, headers and footers, all arrive on the jobsite ready to be erected. The blueprints have detailed instructions on which panels go where, leaving little room for error. The panels are made to exact specifications, so on-site adjusted are drastically reduced.

Scheduling A Steel Frame Package

Steel framing has one huge benefit over wood: it is impervious to weather. Rain and heat won’t dry or warp the studs, meaning your construction schedule stays on track. FastFrame Premium Steel will have a completion and delivery date for each prefabricated steel framing package, keeping every job as close to on time as possible!

Improved Turnaround Times

Completing a job means another one can be started, so contractors look for every way to keep turnaround times tight. With prefabricated steel framing, the quicker installation times mean the faster each job can be completed.

Design Freedom

Designing a home or building means looking at which options for exterior finish, foundations, energy efficiency and more will work for that particular idea. With steel framing, design options are endless! The lightweight steel means the load transferred to the structural and foundation components are less, and the energy efficiency of steel framing makes it the best option. FastFrame Premium Steel offers a number of plans to choose from, or you can submit your own!

Advantages of Steel Framing

Precision, durability, and resilience are all advantages of choosing a prefabricated steel framing package. When a design is chosen and engineered, each stud is cut to an exact length. The durability of steel means that a home will last for 100+ years! Steel is also non-combustible, meaning savings for homeowners on insurance policies.

Building a home, garage, or shop is a big step. Choosing a prefabricated steel framing package will ensure each project will last for years to come.