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FastFrame 5 Framing Myths

Top 5 Myths About Steel Framing: Debunked

Top 5 Myths About Cold-Formed Steel Framing: DebunkedCold-formed steel (CFS) framing is gaining popularity in the construction industry due to its durability, versatility, and sustainability. However, despite its growing acceptance, several myths and misconceptions still persist. If you're considering CFS for your next construction project, it's essential to understand the facts. Here are the top five myths about cold-formed steel framing, debunked.Myth 1: Cold-Formed Steel Framing Is Prone to RustOne…

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Steel Framing in Fire Safety

Exploring the Advantages of Cold-Formed Steel Framing in Fire Safety

Exploring the Advantages of Cold-Formed Steel Framing in Fire Safety In the construction industry, the search for materials that combine strength, durability, and safety is ongoing. Cold-formed steel framing has emerged as a significant player in this arena, celebrated for its resilience in various conditions, including fires. While steel has long been acknowledged for its structural integrity, cold-formed steel framing offers distinct advantages, particularly when exposed to fire. Understanding Cold-Formed…

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JD Metals FastFrame 833 sq ft House

JD Metals Towers over Kingsport Home Show with 2-Story FastFrame Structure

FastFrame and JD Metals tower over the 2024 Kingsport Home Show On March 8-10, 2024, JD Metals literally towered over the 50th annual Kingsport Home Show with its 2- story FastFrame residential house frame inside the Meadowview Conference Center.  To begin, preparation for the event started on the Tuesday before, when a crew erected the entire house frame in approximately 8 hours.  That’s one of the benefits of pre-assembled, modular…

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FastFrame Steel Framing

How To Install Steel Framing

Steel framing has become a more popular option for building. Many still have questions about the installation process for a FastFrame structure.This "How to Install Steel Framing" video below lists the tools you will need, the process for installing wall panels, headers and footers, and trusses. Submit Your Plans Here

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FastFrame Training Session

FastFrame Learning Session with Arrow Home Improvements

Embracing the Future: FastFrame™ Training Unveils the Modern Way to BuildArrow Home Improvements recently participated in a hands-on learning session to learn about FastFrame steel framing and how it is used for residential builds.Residential building is undergoing a seismic shift, and at the forefront of this transformation is FastFrame™ cold formed steel (CFS) framing. In our immersive training session, contractors explore the cutting edge of construction through a blend of short lectures,…

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FastFrame Training Open House

FastFrame Information Session

Johnson City Area Home Builders Association Attends FastFrame Information Session. FastFrame Premium Steel was honored to host the Johnson City Area HBA for an information session about building with FastFrame Premium Steel framing. Our team presented to the attendees and answered all questions about how to use steel framing for residential building.

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FastFrame long 2 car garage

Steel Framing Designs

Steel Framing Designs Steel framing has revolutionized the world of construction, offering a versatile and durable alternative to traditional building materials. It's not just about strength; steel framing also opens the door to innovative and sustainable design possibilities. Sleek and Minimalist The clean lines and structural integrity of steel lend themselves perfectly to minimalist designs. Architects are using steel to create sleek, modern buildings with a focus on simplicity and…

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fastframe premium steel framing residential framing

Insurance Benefits of Steel Framing

Insurance Benefits of Steel Framing Steel framing offers several benefits when compared to traditional wood framing in construction. The insurance benefits of steel framing  primarily revolve around the increased durability, safety, and reduced risk of damage associated with steel framing.  Fire Resistance Steel is non-combustible, which means it does not contribute to the spread of fires. This reduces the risk of significant fire damage and can result in lower insurance…

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Prefabricated steel framing assembled steel panels

Environmental Impact of Steel Framing

Environmental Impact of Steel Framing: Fact or Fiction? When comparing the environmental impact of steel framing and wood framing, you will find a vast amount of varying information. What is fact and what is fiction? This article from helps break down how steel is leading the way in lowering emissions and why! Truth vs Hype? Comparing the EPDs of Steel, Concrete and Wood

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