Steel Framing – The Green Choice

Cold formed steel has many advantages, including being the green choice.

Why is steel so environmentally friendly? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Strong and lightweight: Cold formed steel has a high strength to weight ratio. It’s stable, not susceptible to the warping, splitting or rot that wood framing can be. This means less materials over all used to in a build.
  2. Recyclable: Not only is steel framing 100% recyclable, but it contains a minimum 25% of steel scrap. To quote “A 2000 sq ft home constructed with steel framing would use the scrap metal from six old cars. That same home built with wood would require 40 to 50 trees.”
  3. Steel framing made from cold-formed steel meets green building guidelines set by the National Association of Homebuilders.

FastFrame™ Premium Structures is happy to provide homebuilders with products that are safe, sound, and better for our planet.

For more information regarding why steel is a green choice: