This is a photo of a Post Frame and a Steel Frame building that look very similar

JD Metals Post Frame and FastFrame Premium Steel Buildings

Look at the picture above- one of these buildings is post frame and one is steel frame.  From the outside, you can’t tell which is which.  

This is a photo of the interior of a post frame building.

Interior of a JD Metals Post Frame building.

Post Frame buildings feature large, solid-sawn posts or laminated wood columns.  When they are embedded into the ground or attached to concrete footers, the posts allow the structure to handle ample loads, and are capable or enduring high wind, snow or seismic conditions.  When built with high-quality lumber, and are lifetime warrantied on treated lumber components, these buildings will last.  Post Frame buildings are customizable and available in 20′-60′ Clear-Span widths, with a large selection of exterior metal colors and options. 

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This is a photo of the interior of a premium steel frame building.

Interior of a FastFrame Premium Steel Frame Building.

Premium Steel Frame buildings are another custom option.  They are not the same as the typical “carport” construction one sees.  When high-strength structural steel is used, along with custom engineering and a triple-layer clear-coat protection of components, these buildings are long-lasting, and come with a 20 year frame warranty.  They can be built in widths from 12′-60′, and are available in 26 and 29 gauge metal. Steel Frame buildings are also extremely customizable, with many exterior metal colors to choose from, as well as door, window, insulation and cupola options. 

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A new building is a large investment.  When looking for a new building, make sure to check the quality of the components and the engineering the company puts into the structure.  It should be engineered for your local area’s snow and wind load requirements.  Also, make sure there are good warranties on the materials used.

Post Frame or Steel Frame?  They are almost indistinguishable from the outside.  The choice is yours!