Your roof is an investment in both money and design style. The wrong style or color choice can make a home stand out, and not in a good way.  Metal roofing offers many options in panel profiles, paint systems and metal thickness (helpful hint: the lower the gauge, the thicker the metal), making it easy to get the look you want and the price point you need.  Because so many choices can lead to confusion, JD Metals has put together the following information to help buyers make the right choice for their specific project.


Tuff Rib:

Tuff Rib panels are the most economical metal roofing option.  Available in both 26 and 29 gauge metal and used in agricultural and residential applications, Tuff Rib panels feature an exposed fastener system for quick installation. With 54 colors within the Sherwin-Williams® WeatherXL™ and Fluropon paint systems, as well as 9 Crinkle colors, the Tuff Rib panel profile is an affordable, versatile choice to consider.



A 5-V panel is that classic barn style popular at the moment, and is also used frequently on coastal-style homes.  Installed with exposed fasteners and used in agricultural and residential applications, 5V is available in 24 gauge as well as 26 and 29 gauge metal.  With a wide array of colors in the WeatherXL™, Fluropon™ and the Crinkle finishes to choose from, the 5V panel can give your project a personalized, old-school flair.




Used in commercial applications and primarily on steel building frames, R-Panel is an exposed fastener option used for walls only.  R-Panel is available in 26 gauge metal and WeatherXL™, Fluropon™ and Crinkle paint finishes. The PBR profile, on the other hand, is used for walls and roofing. It is available in 24 and 26 gauge metal for commercial applications in a limited color palette.



Standing Seam:

The Standing Seam metal panel is our premium metal roof offering.  With a concealed fastener system, this profile offers a combination of streamlined appearance and durability.  Although more expensive than its counterparts, a Standing Seam metal roof is an investment in both the aesthetics and longevity of your home. Standing Seam panels are available in 24 and 26 gauge metal and the WeatherXL™,  Fluropon™ and Crinkle paint systems.


Metal panels are a roofing option that offers many choices in profile, paint systems and metal gauge.  By customizing these selections for your specific project, you can achieve a style all your own.


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