A new metal or post frame building can be a beautiful addition to your property, but the color choices can be overwhelming, to say the least.  There are twenty-three colors to choose from, and finding that perfect color combination is not always simple. There are, however, certain points that can be taken into consideration to make the decision easier.  By starting with the big picture and fine tuning your selections, the end result will be a beautiful new building.

First of all, think big: what color choices are prevalent in your area?  Are there a lot of red barns? White? Once you start noticing, a color or two will begin to stand out.  The next decision will then be whether to follow the regional trends for your area or to choose something different.  Blending in creates a harmonious feeling, but choosing a different color can keep things interesting and modern.

JD Metals Post Frame Red Barn






Another consideration should be the surroundings.  Is the new building going to be near your home?  Other buildings?  If so, do you want the colors to complement each other, or would you like the new building to attract attention? Some people like things to coordinate, and would choose to put a gray building next to a gray house. Barns and buildings, however, do not have to match the house, with the prime example being a red barn next to a classic white farmhouse. Similarly, a building in a wooded setting can blend in with tones of green and tan, or will catch the eye when constructed in other, brighter colors.  The decision should always be based on your personal preference. 


JD Metals Lt. Stone and Green Horse Barn














There are also several options to think about: wainscoting, or adding a coordinating color to the bottom of the building in a darker color might help mask splash-back from downspouts, keeping your barn looking cleaner. The two-tone effect also adds interest, with the wainscoting usually matching the roof color.  Guttering and trim can also be matched to the roofing color, again adding an extra level of style.  On top of these items, your choice of doors, windows and options such as cupolas will all work together to make your building distinct and personalized, whatever color combination you choose. 

JD Metals Lt. Gray Large Hangar
















So look around: you might be driving by several buildings each day, and one of them could have the perfect color combination you’ve been looking for.  The Internet is also a great source for pictures of barns and other buildings in both neutral and distinct color palettes. By making yourself aware of your region, surroundings and available options, you will probably find yourself leaning toward one or two colors.  With a little observation, what you select for your new building will bring satisfaction for many years to come.